Special Slots & Slot Events

Hot Shot Casino has many types of Slot Events & Promotions that you’ll see change the lobby regularly. These special events occur when a slot becomes temporarily unlocked for all players. Most of these slots unlock temporarily before returning to the Slot Track, or becoming unavailable entirely. All slots with special features require qualifying bets to play to unlock the feature!

Types of Slot Unlocks:

Jackpot Slots – Spin for your chance to win a piece of the jackpot!

Quick Fire Jackpots – This promotion increases the frequency in which jackpots pay out. Get more jackpots more often!

Massive Jackpots – This promotions increases the amount that jackpots pay out at. Get bigger jackpots when you win!

Triple Jackpots – Spin for your chance at not only one piece of the jackpot but THREE!

Cash Wheel Slots – Spin for big win multipliers determined by the wheel!

Pick a Prize Slots – Spin for a chance to choose your multipliers for your wins!

High Limit Slots – Special slot unlock that lets you spin for bigger bets & bigger wins!

Generic Unlock – Sometimes Hot Shot releases slots to be unlocked with no special features. This includes one-time slot unlocks or All Slot Unlock events and are usually temporary promotions.

Level Up Track – Any slot that unlocks permanently will join the Level Up track. This means you’ll be able to play it only at or beyond the Level assigned to it (See Leveling Up For more details).

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