Gifting and Inviting

Gifting is a fun way to share the love of slots with all of your friends. You can accept and give free coins between all of your current friends (Only users signed in with Facebook can send/receive friend gifts. Guest Accounts are not eligible).

You can also send free coins as gifts to Invite Friends that are not yet playing to start them off right! There are multiple places to open the Gifting/ Inviting screen.

To open/ collect free gifts click on the collect box in the Home Lobby. Currently you may only Accept 15 direct gifts per day. This does not include gifting back. As long as your friends are clicking Accept All and Gift Back when they get the option, you may receive an unlimited amount of gift backs per day!

To send and receive friend gifts, please make sure to click or touch the gift box icon. To send invitations to your friends along with free coins, please click or touch the invite/ add friend icon!

The gift/ invite icons can be found on the lower portion of the game lobby if playing on a web browser.




While playing the Hot Shot Casino app on a mobile device, the gifting/ invite icons can be found on the top banner while in the game's main lobby.



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