Error Code Diagnostics

When playing Hot Shot casino, in rare instances you may receive an error code. Most of the time, just shutting down the application and relaunching will take care of the situation. But, from time-to-time additional steps may be necessary.

One of the most common scenarios that generates an error message is if the game is being accessed in two locations at once. This can happen if you’re logged into a Facebook account that is playing on two different devices simultaneously, eg: playing on a tablet and a phone, playing on a phone and computer, etc… Be sure you’ve logged out of all other locations and try again.

If that doesn’t resolve the situation, there is another option you can try in the Settings menu. If the game won’t launch into a slot, you can remove the slot information present and redownload. You can do this in a few steps.

First, tap the gear in the upper right from the main menu launch the Settings menu. A small window will appear in the middle of the screen. In the lower right of this window is a red button labelled “Clear Slot Resources.”  




Tap this button and a second message will appear asking if you’re sure you would like to remove the slot information. Click the green “Yes” option.


After you tap yes, the screen will go away and return you to the same screen on which you pressed the to view the Settings menu. You can now redownload your favorite slot and try to play again.

Be aware that downloading slot content may count towards any data plan you may be using if on a cellular network. We generally recommend playing and downloading content on a dedicated Wi-Fi connection when possible.

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